First blog post

This is my first attempt on writing about the tales from my visits to another city or a country. I am still unsure that what I want to write but now is the time when I am at least sure about why I want to write the facts down. Today again, was one of the days when I opened up my eyes to the text from a friend in another country asking me about how was my visit to NYC. I started telling her everything about it, the trip which I took almost 3 weeks ago from today came alive right in front of my eyes. I started typing on my cell phone and didn’t stop till maybe 30 minutes down. Suddenly I realized, I was actually in a conversation with a friend, and that friend had not even replied yet, she was still reading all the messages that I was typing. That moment reminded me of one another friend of mine who would time and again push me to write down about my visits to places. My answer always the same, I am not a writer and in response he would send me the quote of Ibne Batuta, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

He truly believed that I might not be a writer, but I definitely was a storyteller who loved to talk about the stories from the places I went , people I met, cultures I lived in and the wonders that I made up for myself from the smallest of encounters with the most common things around. I suppose I have finally come to the conclusion that I might want to share with my friends, the stories in comprehensive articles instead of broken text messages.

So here I am, trying to pen down  the recollections from the places I have been to.

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